Just Do My Homework Scholarship Essay Sample

Just Do My Homework Scholarship Essay

This is a sample of a Just Do My Homework Scholarship Essay by Homework Prospect,

In need this scholarship in order to make the relevant progress towards the completion of my degree program. At the moment, I am a senior at Florida International University and expect to graduate in May 2018 if nothing like lack of funds forces me to take the semester off. I am studying BSc dietetics and Nutrition (Didactic program I Dietetics and at the moment I am studying medical nutrition therapy, advanced nutrition, dietetics in community health and dietetic management of nutrition programs.

Career goals

Currently, I am focused on the finishing of the didactic program in dietetics at Florida International University. However after this I wish to continue with my graduate studies level and eventually apply to join a master’s programs in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University and Florida State University. However, soon after my graduate degree at the Florida international university, I wish to apply for the mandatory internship here in the university in order to get a chance of being registered as a dietician. Once I get the recognition and registration as a dietician, I wish to look for a job as a clinical dietician at any hospital. In this regard, I will be very much interested in treating patients with life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Personal in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University and Florida State University

Currently and all along my stay and study in the Florida international university, I have always been an active member of the student dietetic Association. This is a career related group that volunteers for different on campus as well as other out campus events such as the promotion of genral healthy lifestyles amongst students as well as amongst other individuals and memebrs of the Miami Dade community. In this regard, we undertake public awareness tour for the purposes of enlightening people on the importance and the need to adopt healthy lifestyles trough public grocery tours, baking and selling of healthy and dietetic cakes in addition to presenting cooking demonstrations of healthy cooking.

Major and Notable achievements

Academically, I have scored a GPA of 4.0 over associate in arts in the medical sciences at the Hillsborough community college. This saw me make it to the dean’s list at the Hillsborough College. In addition to this, I also made the cut off to appear in the who’s who among students in American universities and colleges awards for high academic achievement at the entire Hillsborough community college. Due to this, I am seeking the transferred academic achievement scholarships offered at the Florida international university for the BSc in dietetics and nutrition. At the moment, my current GPA score at the Florida international university stands at 3.83 and in addiiotn I am still in the university dean’s list.

How this scholarship will meet career goals

The scholarship will go a long way in helping to cover the overall costs of my GRE tutoring class as well as the examination. Moreover, I wish to use the scholarship money to apply for schools through the DICAS (the systems for students to apply for dietetic internship programs). Your support will be highly appreciated.